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Water sports are becoming more and more fashionable. Water-skiing, wakeboarding, kite-surfing are all disciplines practiced on the seas and oceans. But are you familiar with flyboarding? 

Flyboarding is a mix of water sports (jet-skiing, freestyle diving, snowboarding).

How old do you have to be to practice flyboarding?

Flyboarding is a discipline that is recommended for children aged 14 and over. Before this age, the child’s shoe size may be too small and his weight too low. For safety reasons, in order to avoid any risk of accident, a majority of flyboard rental companies recommend that children under the age of 18 visit a guardian. They can only enjoy the sport under the supervision of an elder. A majority of flyboard rental clubs require rental companies to ensure that a guardian is present. However, if you want to own your own flyboard, there are sites that sell second-hand flyboards, so you can buy them but you have to know how to master them and where to practice them.

How the flyboard works

Unlike a hoverboard, which relies on a battery to provide power, a flyboard is powered by water pressure from nozzles under the bellows attached to the end of a hose connected to the underwater craft, usually a jet ski. The person using the jet ski controls the amount of water pumped into the hose. To prepare for the flight, the jet ski takes the device and the racer into the water. He or she must tie the boots firmly to the feet to avoid accidents such as dropping the hydroflighting device.

The runner then swims away from the jet-ski, keeping his or her feet flat and legs closed. The rider then waits for the water to be pumped into the hose and for the jet nozzles to push the device upwards. The hydroflighting device then rises to a maximum height of 15 metres. However, this will depend on the pressure on the jet nozzles. The higher the pressure, the higher the device can go. Reducing the water pressure will lower it. When the flyboard and the pilot get up, it pulls the hose in the direction the pilot wants. Since the PWC’s energy is used to pump water through the hose, it drags just behind the board.

If you observe the flight closely, you will see how it follows the movement of the board. Once in the air with the nozzles giving it a thrust, the rider takes full control of the flying device using his body movements. If the rider wants to go down, all he has to do is point his toes up and go up with his fists down. To move to the left, the cyclist must raise the right knee and to move to the right, the left knee. The use of these movements will allow the board and rider to move at will in any direction. One thing over which the rider has no control is the height he can reach by flying on the board.

Once in the air, the fate of the racers is in the hands of the person controlling the jet ski below. This person is really the controller and can raise or lower the racer by adjusting the amount of water pumped through the hose. The greater the amount of water pumped through the hose, the more powerful the pressure and the resulting thrust, so that the board and the cyclist go up. The lower the amount of water flowing through the hose, the lower the pressure, and the lower the board and rider fly.  The rider can land on the water with his or her toes pointing upwards. Once the flyboard touches the water, the rider must maintain balance to be able to stand on the board while floating on the water. Now it takes a little time to get used to it. This sport may seem simple, but like most things, it may seem simple, but it’s much more than you think.

For the practice of flyboarding

Know how to swim

Swimming is considered a prerequisite for most water sports. It allows you to practice water sports without worries. The safety of the participants is paramount, but accidents can happen at any time. You will be at peace, knowing that you will not risk drowning if you know how to swim.

Safety equipment

Safety equipment is considered essential to enjoy flyboarding. The design of a flyboard is suitable for people of all ages. It contains safety boots that you can attach to maintain your balance. You can easily wear the kit that ensures your safety. It is necessary to 

Wear a helmet and a life jacket to avoid accidents.

Avoid drinking

It is not recommended to do this before flyboarding. Keeping your balance is essential to fully enjoy this sport.  There you have it, you now know everything you need to know about flyboarding. Now all you have to do is go near the sea and test this new nautical discipline.

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